4 Ways to Strategize SEO and Save Your Time

Seeing results after using SEO strategies takes time. You have to be patient since this option allows for an organic increase in traffic to your website. However, you can still speed things up by strategizing with SEO. Here are four ways to plan your SEO techniques and not waste time, as recommended by experts from reputable San Francisco SEO agencies.

  • Use keyword search tools 

Keyword search tools help you save time. Since keywords are essential in SEO, you can’t waste time optimizing for the wrong keyword. It can be tricky since some of them are highly competitive but still worth trying. Others might be less competitive, but you don’t want to waste time on them. Using keyword search tools can take you in the right direction. It generates the best keywords based on your goals. 

  • Always plan with mobile friendliness in mind 

It wastes time when you design the website only for desktop computer users. If mobile-friendliness is an afterthought, you might have to start over. Hence, it makes sense to think about how the website would look once opened on a mobile device. Remember that a majority of Internet users these days use their phones to pursue transactions. If they can’t open your website correctly on their mobile device, they might decide against buying from you. 

  • Let go of strategies proven to lead to terrible results

You already know which strategies don’t yield excellent results. It’s easy to do a quick search online on techniques that will most likely be a disaster. You don’t need to try them out. For instance, you already know that keyword stuffing won’t do anything well. It might even penalize your website. Don’t attempt to use it because you feel that it might work this time. However, you should also be careful in dismissing tactics that are still useful, such as email marketing. Many people believe that it will not work, but email marketing remains a viable SEO strategy. If used correctly, you can reach out to several target audiences. 

  • Ask for help from SEO experts 

You don’t have to go through the process alone. Seek help from SEO experts or an SEO agency. They will plan with you based on your goals. They will also create a timeline to help you see the path towards success. Discuss with these experts what you want to see. They will help you carve a path to success. Since they have already worked with different clients, they know what it takes for your website to be on top. 

Make sure you choose a quality SEO company over cheap options. While you have to be careful about expenses, you can’t sacrifice quality. Otherwise, your decision to work with an SEO company will go to waste. Read reviews and ask for referrals from friends who have also worked with these agencies before. 


You can save time when doing SEO with these tips. It’s easy to see your vision come to life when you remain consistent with what you do. However, things will always be slow, especially if you choose SEO over other marketing strategies. The good thing is you won’t have to spend a lot. If you’re patient enough to see where SEO takes you, it can be satisfying. 

Be careful not to be too complacent once you start seeing results. Just because your hard work starts to pay off doesn’t mean you will always be on top. Remember that your competitors are also using SEO strategies. They can quickly overtake you if you don’t continue the tactics that led you to greater heights. 


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