Samsung Galaxy A03S – Everything That You Wanted To Know About It


Samsung A03S is a high-end feature phone, which is expected to be introduced soon. Samsung A03S is a perfect fit for all your daily requirements and internet activities. It has been seen that people are very eagerly waiting for the launch of this Samsung Galaxy A03S. This is because Samsung’s latest model offers some great features that are sure to amaze users. Lets us talk about the key features of this model. samsung a03s

This mobile phone has a Super AMOLED capacitive display with a pixel resolution of Super AMOLED. The Samsung Galaxy A03S features a dual-core processor along with the Adreno GPU. With the help of this chip, the Samsung Galaxy A03S can perform very quickly and fluidly. Also it supports the dual-mode Auto Night and Full auto night modes. In the portrait mode, it can display the incoming call in landscape orientation and also display calendar.

This mobile phone has built in memory, which comes in the form of 16GB. It further has expandable storage via microSD. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A03S has a spacious 5.5 inches LCD screen, which offers great clarity. There is also a single speaker in this mobile phone, which helps greatly while making calls.

The Samsung Galaxy A03S also comes with a nice built-in camera, which comes in the form of a built-in lens. The lens of this Samsung mobile phone has been designed in such a manner so as to enable a user to enjoy a clear photo quality. The microSDxc slot is present in such a manner that it is easily accessible and can be used to download applications with ease.

This is one of the best mobile phones that can be used on the internet. This can be used to capture images, videos, text messages and other multimedia contents. A great feature of this phone is the fact that it can upload images to the Samsung Gallery. Apart, from that it also comes with android system, which allows the user to enjoy all the features of Samsung galaxy A, which includes playing of audio songs and listening to the diverse ring tones. Apart from that, this smartphone also offers various features like dialing, messaging, Internet browsing and playing of audio songs.

The Samsung Galaxy A has been launched at a rather attractive price, which is quite affordable for people who want to buy this device. Moreover, the deals that are available online can enable you to get this cell phone at even lower rates. So, the people of UK can get the chance to buy a unique and trendy cell phone of their choice, which they can make their own.


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